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What is Zazira Movers?

Zazira Movers vast network of lorry operators have made it possible to provide you with efficient cross-border moving (“lori sewa”) for your house moving or corporate goods transportations.

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Why Zazira Mover

  • Our professional movers are equipped to ensure safe, hassle-free, and timely transportation services. So if you are planning to move from Malaysia to Singapore and vice versa, Zazira Movers is the right choice for you.

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Learn how Zazira Movers build stranger relationship with their customer and help solving their problems.


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Our takeout just went through the roof because we could be taking ten orders at one time, instead of just one order at a time.


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Use the Zazira Movers for your home and office moving needs

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We know that one size does not fit all. Our training and management planning has helped strengthen the quality of work and respond quickly to demand industries problem. So we improving the customer experience and support your businesses to the next level every day.

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