Checklists For Your New House

Are you thinking of moving to a new house? Here we provide you a checklists so you can have an easy mind.

1. Changing the locks that the previous owner installed

When it comes to our personal security, we can never be too vigilant. The locks could be broken, out-of-date, or duplicated more than once. All of the aforementioned elements are risk factors that might result in a break-in, robbery, or theft at a residence. Therefore, seek professional assistance to change the locks in your new property. You might need to replace the locks at the following access points:

    • Front Door
    • Back Door
    • Porch Balcony
    • Window
    • Basement
    • Rooftop

2. Set up the Utilities in New Residence

Before moving in, make sure the internet, water, electricity, gas, and other essential services are operational. Electricity and water service might be weeks or even months away for certain sites. Ensure that your home is wired into the grid by calling the utility provider. You might also need to hire a plumber or electrician to inspect the internal system components in your home.

3. Employ Movers

One advantage of hiring movers is that they can perform the labor-intensive lifting for you. Because they have greater experience, professional movers can guarantee that your delicate things are moved safely. You may have your housewarming celebration without worrying about using damaged dinnerware by hiring movers. Everything has been packed and double-checked, so all that’s left to do is move into your new house and organise a housewarming celebration!

4. Consider taking a break from your job

Not only will you be unpacking a mountain of boxes during the first several days of your relocation, but you’ll also be waiting for installations, repairs, and deliveries (not to mention you’ll probably be at least a bit exhausted). It’s a good idea to let your employer know that you’re relocating so you have plenty of time to arrange these appointments before returning to work. Making an effort to settle in within the first 48 hours after a relocation is essential, so make sure your plans and schedule reflect this.

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