Below is a moving checklist to help you prepare once you have confirmed your moving date. It’s best to start getting ready approximately 5 weeks before the move.


4 Weeks before the Move

You need to:

  • – Confirm the moving date
  • – Assess your insurance needs
  • – Provide your new phone number
  • – Provide your new address
  • – Dispose of unnecessary items
  • – Collect purchase receipts
  • – Check the validity of required permits, including residence and work permits
  • – Check the expiration date of your passport

3 Weeks before the Move

You need to:

  • – Arrange insurance coverage for your belongings
  • – Comply with health regulations in your new location
  • – Check quarantine regulations for pets
  • – Check final utility bills
  • – Notify your insurance company
  • – Cancel media subscriptions

2 Weeks before the Move

You need to:

  • – Obtain necessary medical certificates
  • – Ensure you have marriage and birth certificates with you
  • – Settle any outstanding loan agreements
  • – Use your new address for all mailings
  • – Pay insurance premiums in full
  • – Clean all your furniture

1 Week before the Move

You need to:

  • – Arrange for childcare during the moving process
  • – Set up banking services at your new address
  • – Ensure the disconnection of utilities such as electricity and water
  • – Review your travel plans

1 Day before the Move

You need to:

  • – Separate personal items you plan to carry yourself
  • – Ensure basic hygiene and cleaning supplies are available
  • – Empty and clean the refrigerator and freezer
  • – Confirm the arrival time at your new location
  • – Unroll all fitted carpets
  • – Ensure you have your passport, visa, and vaccination certificates
  • – Make a list of unaccompanied baggage
  • – Safeguard keys to trunks, bags, and other items
  • – Ensure you have all necessary receipts
  • – Prepare sufficient cash for your journey
  • – Obtain contact information for friends, family, and others
  • – Obtain the address of your moving company’s representative at the destination.

Moving Day

On your moving day, you can relax and leave everything to us at Zazira Movers to manage and complete on your behalf.

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